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Why batteries are so important in the home

Mar 27,2024 | EASUN OEM

Let me explain to you why you need to add batteries to your solar system.
and how to add extra batteries to a grid-tied solar system

You might consider adding batteries to your grid-tied system for the following reasons:

  1. Save time
    Reducing electricity costs by storing excess solar energy during periods of low electricity prices and utilizing it during periods of peak electricity prices is common in regions with time-of-use pricing.
  2. energy independence
    Enhance grid independence, especially in areas with frequent power outages or a need to reduce grid dependence.
  3. Net metering optimization
    Maximize net metering benefits by storing excess solar energy and feeding it back into the grid during peak demand periods.
  4. emergency preparedness
    Ensure critical equipment continues to operate during emergencies, providing safety and preparedness.

Whatever the reason, you may benefit from integrating batteries into your grid-tied system