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EASUN loyal fans will visit the company in 2023

Mar 25,2024 | EASUN OEM

EASUN loyal fans will visit the company in 2023
The Guangzhou Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Exhibition has become a representative comprehensive platform for all-round display of batteries with personalized exhibits, providing you with an ideal space to understand the new trends in the international battery market and develop the energy market.
Europe is worried about the future of its energy sector, with plans to increase production by 100 gigawatts by 2030 and increase renewable energy generation tenfold. Solar energy is a big part of this. EASUN energy will fully meet new challenges

Hungary, with nearly 66% of its inhabitants rural, has also stepped up efforts to provide electricity to its entire population, both on and off the grid, to increase electrification rates and prepare the country for economic growth.

Hungary has obvious geographical advantages and excellent lighting conditions throughout the year, making it very suitable for installing photovoltaics. The Hungarian government has many preferential policies for photovoltaic power generation projects. Find our EASUN ENERGY company to provide them with a full set of photovoltaic equipment. After many communications, we professionally provide 10KWH lithium batteries and 10kw hybrid off-grid inverters for their energy systems.